Pop, Go Crazy Hot People’s Tires….

16 Oct

Day 281


Hey Elle, Happy Monday! The weather in LA has gone back to hot…You know the heat causes people to do crazy things. I want to share something crazy I witnessed in LA. To me, it was quintessential LA behavior. Drivers in LA are crazy. That’s that…so, let me now proceed with my story. Some friends and I took our kids to a movie in the park. When the film was over, a guard closed the gate to enter the parking lot. The other side of the gate had the tire spikes that pop your tires if you drive over them. You know the ones that have a big lit sign that says, “sever tire damage.” Anyway, as my friends and I waited for my husband to pick us up in front of this gate, a woman pulled up to the gate. She saw that the gate was closed and though the exit from the parking lot was not blocked, it had the LIT sign warning her not to proceed.

Yes, she drove over to the other side of the gate and stopped for a moment (which is when I assumed she read the sign not to proceed), but then proceeded over the tire spikes into the lot. As we all watched in amazement, we heard the two front tires pop and release air, a lot of it. The driver got out, looked at the tires and then got back in the car and proceeded all the way into the lot. Now, all four tires were popped!  My message? Keep your cool! Don’t let the heat get to you, tire spikes are real! They don’t selectively pop tires…they pop all your tires, silly! But, in LA a lot of drivers do think they can defy all rules, odds and more…Good luck with that!  I mean really, didn’t she have her air condition on? Your Erica, E-Out!


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