Cat Walk….

12 Oct

Day 277


Hey Elle, your segment with Bethany Frankel ,“Let’s Go There” inspired me to confess something to you…I am not into cats and getting into your “Catweek” has been a struggle. I am allergic to certain animal hair including both cats and dogs (not all affect me but, most do). I know how into animals you are and my hubby even owned a Vet Clinic, so I get it but, I have not owned a cat before. Actually I take that back, my dad brought a kitten home once, I WANTED to keep it but my mom vetoed that and he took the kitty back to the owner the next day.

So, there it is it’s off my chest. I feel better and I hope you aren’t offended. I don’t think my confession is as bad as the mom who flashes her boobs on vacation or the woman who hasn’t had sex in 9 years, right? But, I should also point out that today, I was intrigued by the mood tail you discovered in Japan…which led to your mood eye brows; a great invention! Now, you have my attention. I think I would invest in the mood tail, sorry your mood glasses are a little much for my round face. So getting back to “Catweek” and my secret disinterest, I think I am shifting and by the time the 4th annual Catweek rolls around I may experience some anticipation! Your Erica, E- Out!


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