Scared Happy….

7 Oct



Hey Elle, I know you like great scares and surprises so I will share what I got today…to my surprise. My parked car got hit and TO MY SURPRISE, the person who hit my care actually left a note. He must watch your show because in LA, that is being VERY KIND!!! If I had a dime for every time I saw a car hit a parked car and drive away…. I would have at least a dollar in change. But, it must be good karma coming back. When I was 15 and still driving with my learner’s permit, my mom let me drive home our 1985 conversion van home from the mall one night. I was backing up with confidence as my mother repeatedly asked if I was looking where I was going and I did know where I was going; home! But, in order to get there, I needed to actually look over my shoulder so that I could have missed driving into the classic gold Cadillac sedan parked behind me.

I was in trouble. My first instinct was to drive away since “luckily” there was no one in the car. The other person in my car, my mom made me stop, write a note and put in on the windshield.   Deep down, I was glad I did the right thing (though I had no choice).  If my mom weren’t in the car, I may have pulled an LA trick; like writing a note that says,” I am writing this note so people think I am taking responsibility for hitting your car…sorry.” Or, do what I see most, the classic hit and run. So today, I was so surprised how honest this person was…it was scary!!! Boo to Me! Lesson learned….Your Erica, E-Out!!



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