Shoop This, Elle!

5 Oct

Day 270


Hey Elle, You Got Soul, sista! The rap you did with Rebel Wilson and the way you two sport your bling makes me think you both did grow up on the ghettos of Sydney and New Orleans, respectively.  You threw down! Your performance gave me chills and if you and Rebel aren’t invited to perform at next year’s BET Music Awards (after the release of your single) I would be very surprised and disappointed. You just appealed to a whole new demographic, get ready Homegirl.  So you like to rap, huh? Well I am going to have to come back at you with that….bet you can’t wait to see a knocked up mom rap-attack on your ass?? I know, you were warned. Be afraid, be very afraid! “Back in the Day” I was convinced I had the skills to rap my way to the top. I convinced a good friend of mine to be my partner in rising to the top. My confidence came from hearing some the of current (then, late 80’s rap) specifically, Tigra and Bunny; also known as L’Trimm and their one hit wonder, “Cars with the Boom.” I was certain that if that song and those two “artists” could make a number one hit so could I. Easy…well, take a look at the video –our group was “Tres Funke.” We were gangsta in a Fresh Prince of Bel Air way and off key in a big way! So, laugh your head off and enjoy!  The Bro said I look similar to the lead singer of L’Trimm; yeah Bro….You can “Shoop” on that Cover Girl!  Hey, we all have a past…I know, you’re thinking I should forget mine. Your Erica, E-Out!


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