Politicians Wear Different Ties…

4 Oct

Day 269


Hey Elle, I know you taped Atticus and Rainer watching the presidential debate tonight but I think there should have been a camera on my six year old tonight as well. Why you ask? Well, we watched the debate over dinner with the Bro eating on the floor and my hubby and I on the couch. He made a mean shrimp pizza and salad. First question the Bro asked was, “Dad, who is my favorite again?” My husband replied, “Barack Obama.” The Bro said, “Oh yeah” and continued to eat his pizza. As the debate went on, the Bro made some interesting observations. The most passionate one being his comment on the candidates’ attire. He asked, “Hey guys, you know what is really interesting?” Of course, we wanted to know so we asked him to continue. He said, “Both of them are wearing different ties! His tie is red and his tie is blue, isn’t that crazy?” Yeah, we thought how insane!

The debate went on and the Bro had fewer comments but he did enjoy his dinner and the fact that he got to watch TV too! Later I glanced over at him and he looked at me said, “Look how much salad I ate mom!” I gave him the thumbs up. Ten minutes later I looked over at him again and he was still eating the last of his pizza crust but now, fully reclined on the floor. Will the Bro remember the debate? Did he listen to one word the candidates said? Were his observations as astute as Rainer and Atticus’…probably not. But, he did think, “…it was [one] of the best dinners, ever!” And really, that’s all this American mom cares about! Your Erica, E-Out!


2 Responses to “Politicians Wear Different Ties…”

  1. A.T. October 4, 2012 at 12:49 pm #

    I just love the Bro! He’s so intuitive and usually focuses on the right things. Now that I’m thinking about it…blue is a calming color and President Obama was extremely calm…red is a firery color and Romney was just that. I need to call the Bro and ask him some other life tips! I just love him!!!!

    • ericaawall October 5, 2012 at 2:51 am #

      Yeah, maybe her should start to blog!!!!

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