Standing In Line….Behind Tom!!!

3 Oct

Day 268


Hey Elle, all I have to say is, Tom (your dancing fan in the red shoes) is great and so glad you acknowledged him!  It’s moments like that I love you and your show the most. Now, I hope I am next!!!! How would you define next…just trying to get time frame. Call me, or you can have Dan call as well. I really relate to the challenge of trying to get tickets to your show. Not that it isn’t worth the wait but, it is hard. So make it happen at least once for all your devoted fans.

I have written about one in particular fan who was hoping to spend this year’s birthday with you on your show. Her name is Marcie and her birthday falls on 10/11/12, really! She is a lovely person who lives in Denver and  I connected with her because of you, Ellen. We both love you and that love for you has kept us friends for the last 268 days. She reads every email I write to you and post on my blog, she follows me on Twitter (like you) and she is a giving and positive person who only wants to see you in person; on her birthday. Make it happen for her, Ellen! You made Tom’s day now, make Marcie and mine TOO!!! Your Erica, E- Out!


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