In My….Undies

2 Oct

Day 267


Hey Elle, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to talk to you about today’s show and as I perused the YouTube clips I realized that there was A LOT going on today. Let me start with the “fashion scandal” you and Portia created by sporting (what I am going to call) “similar” threads.  I think it just reflects how much you two are truly on the same page. Clearly each of your styles is unique. One was not better than the other; they were just both black and white.  Though I would never judge, I would choose to wear one outfit over the other…let’s leave it at that.

Moving on, the two sisters you brought on the show were so sweet. As I sat in my undies (you know it’s in the 100 degree temps here in LA) eating my goldfish snacks, I was both sobbing and laughing. Sobbing because of this touching story and laughing at how funny I must have looked with tears streaming down my face, crackers in my mouth and  me beached like a whale on the couch (I must recline as I sit these days) in my undies. Then Talia at the IHeartRadio concert was fabulous. She is gorgeous and should be a cover girl; as I should be. The beauty exudes from inside, Elle! Lastly, Loved Liam Neeson in his undies! He did a great job in the dunk tank to raise $20K for breast cancer. Now, if you run out of celebrities willing to wear their skivvies on the show and be dunked, I am always here and often wearing nothing but my skivvies. Think about it! That came out wrong… You get it! Your Erica, E-Out!


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