Park Your Shoes….At The Door

30 Sep

Day 265


Hey Elle, I had my first baby shower today with my family in Sac-town (Sacramento). My family shower was equivalent to a typical family get-together. This means that it was co-ed, multi-generational, there was a lot of food and drink and the TV was on throughout the entire party. “That’s how we do it.” There is a challenge to each of our parties and it is one that you need to rise to or navigate through each year. When you enter most Asian/ Asian Pacific home you should take off your shoes. In doing so you risk never finding your shoes again in the sea of shoe or as my cousin calls it the; shoe parking lot. I guess we should implement a valet system. But we don’t. This party did not disappoint.

There was a sea of kids to adult shoes patiently waiting for their owners to retrieve them. It’s always entertaining to watch the first guests (especially those who aren’t family members) try and find their shoes. First, they non-chalantly peruse the shoes to see if they see theirs, then you know they are beginning to freak out when they ask, “where ARE my shoes?” Then the panic hits, they look frantically until they see a pair that resembles theirs, they are about to settle for them and suddenly, they spot the pair they arrived in to the party. It’s entertaining and I got to watch this each time I walked one of my shower guests to the door.  In addition, what I found most entertaining were the mustache pacifiers my host made. It’s the silliest things that make the party a success. I know you’re wondering if I’m going to invite you to my shower in LA. Well of course I am….just remember to RSVP. Okay, you don’t have to, just come! Your Erica, E-Out!



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