Walking On Sunshine…Feels Good, Alright Now….

29 Sep

Day 264


Hey Elle, the segment with Amy at Costco, talking in song lyrics to customers, was hilarious. I loved it. That was very inspiring. So inspiring that I have decided to integrate song lyrics into my email today. But before I begin I want to say what a great reunion I had with one of my dearest friends from high school, Joy!  All I have to say is, “What a feeling, bein’s believin’,now I’m dancin’ for my life.” We had such a great visit. She really inspired me to “Take your passion, and make it happen. Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life” which is what I do because of her and people like you, Ellen. But you know, at times I feel like one of the “Bad girls, Talkin’ about the sad girls… talkin’ about bad girls, yeah.”

I mean, who am I to pursue my dreams as a knocked up middle aged mom? I feel selfish. But then, I think to myself, what would Ellen do? I think, after asking Portia, “Who the let the Dogs Out?”  You would find them and taking after a long walk, you would say, that you just have to believe that” You’ve got the Beat” and  that people who don’t agree with you can “Just Beat It!” We think so much alike. So I say, “Let’s go! make no excuses now,i’m talking here and now, let’s go! your time is running out,it’s not about what you’ve done,it’s about what you doing, it’s all about where you going,no matter where you’ve been.let’s go!”  So  “Call me (call me) on the line, Call me, call me any, anytime, When you’re ready we can share the wine, Call me!” Elle. Your Erica,  E-Out!
Lyrics taken from:


Donna Summer: BAD GIRLS


Michael Jackson: BEAT IT!

Ne- Yo: LET’S GO

Blondie: CALL ME

Katrina and the Waves: WALKING ON SUNSHINE





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