Hey Ellen, Would YOU Ever?????

25 Sep

Day 260




Hey Elle, Did you ever find another pair of slacks before the Emmy’s ended? I most enjoyed seeing Viola Davis (she’s a superstar!!) and watching you and Bethany Frankel play “Would you Ever?” with your audience. Ok, I am digging this game for many reasons. Though you answered two of the questions, quite well I might add, I have a question that didn’t get in the bowl. Here it is: “would you ever bring a woman who idolizes you, admires you and has nothing but the utmost respect for you who has been writing you emails daily for the last 260 days, made videos for you and about you and even tried to conceive a child (and did) to meet you and get tickets to your show; on your show so that she could meet you, dance with you and work for you?”

I mean really, would you ever do that? I would! I think you should (and I know others who think you should too). “Would you ever want to hear from them?” Because, I could make that happen. Hell, I would even go on a date with you to make all this happen and I’m NOT gay and we’re both married! So in short, I loved the segment, loved the show and love you! But really, would you ever? I’m counting on it! Your Erica, E-Out! PS. Keri “ONE of your favorite viewers” was great on the Emmy red carpet but I can get some flight in my jump as well….just give me a try! Please!


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