Nesting….Then, Shot Out of the Tree!

23 Sep

Day 258



Hey Elle, I am in the nesting stage of my pregnancy. At 25 weeks, I feel the urge to prepare the “nest “for the baby. I am purging the house of unneeded items to make room for needed items – for the baby, of course. I started with purging my closet; I got rid of clothes that no longer fit (due to pregnancy or not) and I don’t wear, ever. It’s a shame to think how much money I’ve spent on clothes but at the time I buy them I swear I can’t live without them. So, I sell them to resale clothing stores. At least I get “something” back for what I have spent. I give what I don’t sell to charity. It’s a win-win!

The only drawback to selling my clothes is that I have a personal attachment to my items and when my clothes are “judged” as worthy of being bought, I feel judged. Yes, it’s a power play of sorts. Who are these shop girls who can decide and determine whether my clothes are good enough to sell? I want that kind of power! As they sift through my many bags of clothes I act as though I could care less what items they choose, if any. But on the inside, my heart drops with every item she holds up then folds back onto the pile of “no-go’s.” I mean really, how could she not think my pleather hot pants wouldn’t sell to some West Hollywood starlet with an attitude and style? But then again, if they were perfect for a burgeoning “it girl”, why were they in my closet? Ok, so I’m sensitive AND pregnant… Celebrities aren’t the only ones leading interesting lives! Your Erica, E- Out!



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