Just the Right Time…..

22 Sep

Day 257


Hey Elle, loved how you surprised the co-workers who sent you a video! Ok, so now I get it my videos have been too over the top…you want me to- ” Back it up?” Ok, I can do that, I think. But, seeing these ladies today gave me hope that you may have just overlooked my videos and emails, you’re waiting it out to see if I will really stay committed to you (how could I leave you for another, especially after 257 days?) OR you do know I exist and you love me BUT, you just are waiting for the perfect time (meaning you don’t really know what the hell to do with me but you applaud my efforts). I can live with that. Just keep in mind that I am in it for the long haul. (But I am supposed to pop out a baby in January – so don’t take too long!!) I am flexible and willing to do what it takes to convince you I deserve to meet you, dance with you and oh yeah, and work for you!!!!! I can sing a Jason Mraz song for you too. Granted I’m not as handsome as the two teenagers you found on you tube but…you know I would make it entertaining. Your Erica, E-Out!


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