Smart Shoppers?????

21 Sep

Day 256


Hey Elle, loved your monologue today. Every time I leave CVS I wonder why the receipts have to be so long but I do check out the coupons. Now coupons and “couponing” have become so big these days. But I do often wonder if I am buying more because I found a coupon for an item; like I buy more than I need or I buy an item I would not normally buy just because it was such a good deal. I don’t need a boneless ham and I don’t really like ham but the price with a coupon seems so low and they seem to go so quickly,  that I wonder if I am missing out on something? But then there are the extreme coupon-ers who make getting a deal, a full time job. My friend can walk out of Target or Walmart with $400 worth of items and only pay $25. Yes, it’s amazing and true. As a result she has become good friends with the cashiers (it’s not a quick check out process when using coupons). One cashier at Walmart invited her to her baby shower. How many times does she go?

So anyway, you see it is a bit of a conundrum as to whether it pays to coupon.  You need to ask yourself: How much free time do you really have? Is there nothing else more interesting to do? How much money are you really saving if you’re shopping all the time? And where do you put all the stuff you buy? My friend has accumulated so much stuff I wonder if I should suggest she get a storage unit. I’m not judging, just making an observation. YOU started it, remember?…CVS receipts, which led to the coupons, etc…. Your Erica, E-Out!


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