If You Love Me….Let’s Dance!

20 Sep

Day 255




Hey Elle, it was dance-a-thon on the show today between the mother and son team to Psy being on the show. .. I liked it! It was inspiring and made me dream of when the Bro and I might one day choreograph a dance for your show, after going viral, of course!  My child likes to dance but he doesn’t do any recognizable moves as of yet. And really, it will have more appeal when I am old. But, I guess there’s nothing wrong with starting now.  No one really knows or appreciates the power of dancing with a loved one until they experience it.

Today, that is what I wish for all moms, dads, kids, siblings, cousins, in-laws, and whatever combination  of family you may have; it soothes the soul and liberates the mind, really! But, I must admit that these days as my tummy gets bigger and the Bro grows taller it’s harder to dip him and maintain my balance with the other kid in my tummy showing off his moves too! But, just wait til we all do it Gangnam style! Your Erica, E-Out!


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