I said, Call me Gayle…Really!

19 Sep

Day 254


Hey Elle, great show today. But, what I really need to discuss with you is that sweater you wore today. I believe it was email number 5 that offered to what Gayle King is to Oprah; her confidant, advisor and honest friend (pre-CBS Morning Show Anchor). I rarely have issue with your attire, I often talk about ways I replicate it but I will not be looking for a sweater like the one you wore today. Was it my imagination, the camera angle or the true cut of the sweater that made it appear that there was pouch of some kind in front? I thought you and Portia might have decided to venture into the land of motherhood and you were going to be the baby maker.  The outfit and its lack of any flattering contour  just upset me.

Oh wait, was it a dare to wear the sweater? If so, I hope you won …. A lot of money! This criticism is not to be mean but to be honest about what I think the majority of your audience and viewers were thinking and only I (b/c clearly no one else stopped you from walking on stage with the sweater) am willing to tell you. Having Clint Eastwood, Carly Rae Jepson and Pattie Mallette are good distractions but, it wasn’t enough. But really, I’m not that shallow but I am that fashion conscious and regardless of what I think about your clothes; I still live by the motto that it’s not the clothes that makes the person is the person that makes the clothes. But, please for the love of God, make those clothes you wore today go away! Your Erica, E- Out!


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