Wake Up!…You’re NOT Dreaming!

18 Sep

Day 253


Hey Elle, I really enjoyed the show today. You know I love Bethany Frankel and Kellie Pickler! They remind that you are who you are…as you choose to be. Kelly chose to be the best friend/sister she could in a time of need. Bethany chooses to talk about things others find difficult to discuss for numerous reasons but she does it gladly. Both find what appears to be a sense of joy from doing what they feel most comfortable doing. At what point do you become your true self and let others see it and just accept OR reject it? At what point do you ALLOW yourself to be yourself? I have no idea but that is the question I am asking myself AND you today.

Today, I had the realization that my dream to meet you, dance with you and work for you is part of my true self; crazy as it is, and that if it is to come true it’s up to me to be true to myself to do all that I can do to make it a reality. Things that stand in my way are not there to stop me, they are there to remind that I need either take sh*t or get off the pot! So today, I got a strong abdominal cramp that makes me thing…something big is coming and it’s all natural, baby! Yeah, it’s not always pretty but so necessary. Your Erica, E-Out!


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