Can We Talk????

16 Sep

Day 251


Hey Elle, Do you miss having conversations with people who DON’T know you? I ask that because today a struck up a nice conversation with a man in a coffee shop as I waited for my coffee free chocolate milkshake on this HOT day in LA. As we talked I thought about you and wondered if you could go into  any establishment anymore and strike up a conversation with someone who didn’t know you anymore? Not that there aren’t a plethora of people who want to talk with you but, would they talk with you if you weren’t “Ellen” or at least in the same way? How would the two be different? And would you talk with them?

These questions, and many like them is what goes through my head and are later passed through the bowels as my brain….and there, you have my brain fart of the day. Do you care about these questions? I don’t know but, at least you now know about them and can choose to ponder them with me, or not. I think you would try to be as kinds as you could to people you don’t know but I’m sure it is hard, especially when a line begins to form. But, I just thought about it and I like having nice conversations with kind and random people so I guess I appreciate the anonymity.  Although, being you must rock.

We must discuss this when we meet. If our first meeting is random, I’ll have a better sense. So, given this heat and my lack of air conditioning, I  have a lot of time to spend in silence and stillness to ponder more…about you , as it could one day, affect me. Your Erica, E-Out.


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