Just Too Much!

13 Sep

Day 248


Hey Elle, season ten is rocking! You had a lot of energy today; your dance with the audience was awesome. And I love, love, love Alison Janney! Her race against gold medalist, Carmelita Jeter was classic. Where do you come up with this stuff? Great writers? Yes, I bet and I should be one of them! I could have totally come with that segment as well. Nonetheless, the show was the bright spot in my day. I have caught a bug of sorts from the Bro so it was great to just curl up in a blanket and watch you! I can’t wait to go your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, your fans who stopped by and got to talk with you were hilarious….Had I known that was all I needed to do to get a hold of you, I would have been there sooner! Just do a 24 hour live feed, so that we don’t miss each other! But really, I got really nostalgic when Dave Mathews Band played “Ants Marching.” I felt like I was back in college and dating my husband. Yes, all of this stimulation in one hour! Yup, I’m pooped too! See you tomorrow! Your Erica, E-Out!


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