All Aboard the Baby Train…..

7 Sep

Day 242


Hey Elle, today was the first day I actually went shopping to prepare for this bundle of joy coming in January. First of all, this will not be a cheap endeavor. I really could have used the items from the Mother’s Day show…but, not crying over spilt milk. But, I could really also really use that $100 JC Penny gift certificate you promised for my JC Penny Dance Dare. Hint, hint….

Anyway, I went to a baby store with an extremely knowledgeable mom/friend who offered to show me the in’s/out’s of buying the right items. We went to a hoity-toity store in Beverly Hills. You know, the kind where they give water as you shop, explain every detail (of interest or not) and insist on “walking you through” the store so that you leave with no question unanswered. Don’t even get me started about registering at the store. It’s by appointment only.

Is this where Tori Spelling and other celeb moms go when they get knocked up, oh YEAH! So we enjoyed our jaunt, gathered ideas, chose a couple items I would “invest” in and ultimately decided I would do as you would when you get married. Of course, I will register at this store for all the items I could never afford but hope that someone else would buy FOR ME! Yup, I’m hooked on the baby train….all aboard!!! Your, Erica, E-Out!

PS. Love the new look of your website!!!


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