What Kid?

5 Sep

Day 240


Hey Elle, this pregnancy thing is really getting to me.  Today, I forgot to pick up the Bro. The phone rang and I got scared that something happened to him, when all that happened was that his mother forgot to pick him up! How do you forget your kid? I’ll tell you how. Just get pregnant. Then all the important things seem to disappear from your mind, leaving you in a haze and unable to address anything other than what’s in front of you at the moment. So, no kid in my line of sight equals late pick up!

So, I feel badly and Bro forgave me when I picked him. He was sitting in the school office eating a granola bar when I arrived. He was unfazed but, later that afternoon he did ask me one question, “Mom, next time can you make sure you do not pick me up late?” I replied, “Of course Bro.” Now, making sure my mind complies while under the baby-spell is the task I have ahead of me. But, I will say that treats do help a six year old get over “semi-traumatic” experiences. We enjoyed some popcorn and movie together later in the day and I haven’t heard a complaint about anything for hours. My point? Things happen. So work with what you’ve got and go with it. Your Erica, E- Out.


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