1 Sep

Day 237


Hey Elle, it happened again! Though it’s been at least 200 hundred days;  with all the birthday celebration madness for the Bro, I forgot to write you!!! SO that means I will write you twice today! Yes, it is important to me to get it right…Well, I know you are wondering how the Bro’s party went. It was great!  We (15 kids and parents) went to an evening Dodgers’ game and guess what? They lost going into an 11th inning game but ended strong with some awesome fireworks.  But we still didn’t get on the Dodger big screen. Where the hell are those cameras??? So the Dodgers “delivered” as expected.  Most of the kids made it through the game to the fireworks but by midnight moms, dads and kids were spent! Good times!

I know, how could I have forgotten about you? Well, I thought just maybe you might stop by the game or my house  to say wish the Bro happy birthday but, I know Friday night is a big TV night for you celebrity folk…or is that just you? Anyway, maybe you will come to the next birthday party in the family. Hint, hint, I tell you what’s going on in my life so you get to know me better but, I also like you to know where I’ll be and when, in case you want to “meet up unexpectedly,” of course. Just saying…. Your Erica, E-Out. Until tonight.


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