Yes Bro, I Want To Be A Winner!!!

28 Aug

Day 233


Hey Elle, I had such a great laugh today. The Bro and I were watching your show together today and the commercial for your 12 Days Of Giveaways contest came on. The Bro turned around and looked at me very seriously and then said quite loudly, “Mom, do you want to win Ellen’s contest?” Of course, I said yes as I started to laugh profusely. Then he replied, “Well, then you must do what that man on the TV just said to do, right away!!” At that point I was laughing so hard I could hardly speak and I told him that I had entered your contest many times and I was working hard to win. But, the fact that he took notice of this particular commercial and implored me to take action was hilarious. The Bro is in tune with my mission; he is one of my biggest supporters. I might add that he too is getting impatient for September 10th to arrive so that we don’t have to watch re-runs of your show.

Although we did enjoy the science experiments by performed by Mr. Spangler today…we always do! See? Your show is so entertaining and educational.  I should also mention one more thing. The Bro did understand that there were two tickets for every winner and assumed that if I won, “then we could go!” I know there is an age requirement to be in the audience but, given the road this kid has and is traveling with me to meet you, I might ask that you make one little exception for one small but BIG fan, the Bro. What a great play date for Sophia Grace and Rosie! Think about it! Your Erica, E- Out!


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