Wise Guy

25 Aug

Day 231




Hey Elle, I know you’ve heard me say it before (out of spite) that  youth is wasted on the young! Well I still believe this to be true for I often crave the youth I squandered when I was young but; I may have failed to mention the wisdom many young ones have of which they are totally unaware…again, a waste! The Bro and his dad are swimming at UCLA’s Recreation. The Bro told me today before he left, what his plan would be when they arrive.

There is the deep pool which he is smaller and the big pool which his shallow. More people do the big pool; there is more room and it’s less intimidating because it is shallow. The smaller pool is less crowded because most people (particularly the kids) are scared to try the pool because of the depth and the lack of room. The Bro’s plan was to go back and forth, “we will do games in the little pool, that  are harder but fun, then we will switch back to the big pool to do races with each ch’udder (as he pronounces it) because there is more room! See mom, when we get tired or need a break we will switch!”

SO WISE! NO expectations, NO judgments. His plan was to take risks when he felt he could, enjoy them, take a break and join the masses in the big pool (the “rat race of life”) not too challenging, yet competitive. I need to shed this light on some 40+ year olds I know who are instead trying to master how to coast through life without risks and/or breaks and thus, no reward or fulfillment. Bro, you’re gifted and swimming lessons paid off! Your Erica, E-Out


One Response to “Wise Guy”

  1. Carolyn Karr August 26, 2012 at 10:06 pm #

    He most certainly is–our precious Buddha boy.

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