Growing Up Is Hard To Do….

24 Aug

Day 229


Hey Elle, when do you know what you want to do when you grow up? I often look at the Bro and wonder when he will decide what he wants to be or, is he REALLY going to be an Astronaut -Photographer? That is an astronaut who likes to take pictures in and out of space. Anyway, I often wonder when I “thought” I knew what I wanted to be, pursued it and other things along the way, but then I did it and found that I did not want to do IT anymore. How did all of that happen? So now I am back to pursuing what I want to be now (your employee as a comedy TV writer).

I believe some find IT and stick with IT while others purse several things they think is IT until they feel like they have exhausted themselves and their resources. But, what strikes me most is that the pursuit may be never-ending, at least for me! I’m ok with that and if the Bro has to travel several roads, I am okay with that too….Unless he’s still doing it on mom and dad’s dime and time. Like I said, I might not be done yet either! I said, the pursuits were never ending not the funds!  Here’s to Happy Endings!!!! Your Erica, E- Out!


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