Be Kind…To ALL Others

20 Aug

Day 225


Hey Elle, we just watched “Big Miracle.” This film about trapped whales in Alaska was moving. Why it was called the big miracle is up for a lot of interpretation. Was it because so many came together to help these animals,  was it because despite the odds two out of the three whales made it or was it because this community of people who have lived on their own and survived in such a harsh climate came of it fairly unscathed? Who knows? But what I found most interesting is the fact that people sometimes see animals as so different then us. For obvious reasons they are but, survival is always what is most important to ANY living creature. I think that’s why we feel so compelled to help animals in need and hopefully other people in need. We understand the desire to live and that we can’t live and survive on our own. We NEED to show kindness to others to survive.

What does any of this have to do with you or me? It comes down to why I like you and your show. Your closing words each day are not just a sign-off to me they are words I feel strongly about. To show kindness to one another, as you ask of your viewers each day, goes beyond “mankind” it should be extended, without exclusion, to ALL KIND. So thanks for reminding us! Your Erica, E- Out!

PS. If all of this sounds random remember, in case you don’t recall from last season, these are just brain farts, a now pregnant woman is having… and in this case, very late at night! Just go with it and accept my willingness to share!


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