Endless Summer….No Thank you

18 Aug

Day 223


Hey Elle, TGIF, again! Fridays roll around so soon these days. The summer is almost over (I measure that by the first day of school, the week after next) and it’s hot. But really, the summer ends and the fall begins with your new season! So let’s get to it already! I hope you’ve considered my suggestions for the new season; me on the show talking about you and me having my baby on your show (well, remotely from the hospital –even I have limits of what I will do for you). I think it would be popular. Sleep on it.

Now, enjoy your Friday night doing what crazy famous people like you do and I will enjoy my Friday night doing what not famous but darn cute and talented people do, watch a season  of Dexter.  Give me a break, I’m pregnant. It’s not pathetic it’s just hormones at work. Give me 5 months and I will be dance daring my way back into your heart. PS. Still waiting on my $100 JCPenny’s  gift certificate. You wouldn’t stiff me (in front of my bloggers), would you? Your Erica, E- Out!




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