Keeping Swimming….Even If You’re Old & Tired

15 Aug

Day 220


Hey Elle, when did I become a mam…that’s what I get now. “Thank you, mam.” MAM! It’s like woke up one morning and all the people I used to think were cool and young are now old and mostly still cool but, only to me and some other people 40-something people. It’s scary. Today’s show with Rob Lowe and Adam Lambert really brought  that home.

It was only yesterday that Rob was that hunk in Oxford Blues,  Arnold Schwarzenegger was THE PREDATOR, not the former CA Governor who is one of the geriatric crew that Sylvester Stallone has assembled for yet another Expendables  (now tell me how and why there hasn’t been a Finding Nemo 2, again?) and then today, one of the Sweathogs, Horshack, from the 70’s sitcom, Welcome Back Kotter died. He was played by actor, Ron Palillo. Adam lambert is the newbie on the block.. I try to know who the upcoming “Idols” are but, I often lose track and honestly, I lose interest.

But what makes up for feeling old is when you bring someone like Samantha Garvey on, who makes me feel better and confident that there are youth who I can trust the world with…and my children are going to be OK. So what if I am mistaken for my mother every now and then, I don’t mind a bit. She taught me how to trust that all would be fine and to appreciate finding inspiration wherever you can. So, I am now also INSPIRED to stay in shape and be a hot older, I mean, sophisticated woman. Easy, right? Right! Yeah I know Elle, just use CoverGirl products…. Your Erica, E-Out!


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