Sam Walton….Genius or Jerk?

13 Aug

Day 218


Hey Elle, another hot one today but easier to cope. How? By staying indoors in an air conditioned building. I don’t have air conditioning so journeyed to somewhere that did; Walmart. If for no other reason than to get out of the heat, Walmart is a great choice. I wouldn’t usually say this (being the urbanite that I am) but even I have to admit that the one-stop shopping convenience of this “institution” is hard to beat. You had to be a good day for me to rave about Walmart. Having previously lived in a suburban wasteland, I have had more than my share of strip malls and warehouse shopping. But, when you go without that convenience for a while you start to appreciate the cost savings and the vast selection. Thanks Sam Walton?

So what did we buy? The Bro’s birthday gifts, school supplies and some groceries. All at half the cost we would have paid at “city prices.” And to make it really worth the drive we also hit Target and Lowes. Yes, sure we have a Target within a fairly short distance but “our Target” doesn’t have all the things this suburban Target did! Same for Lowes. And to top it off we visited old friends who live in the area. All of this made us re-evaluate having left our track home life behind, but all of that vanished as we started our journey back home and began to list all the events we missed that took place in the city while we were shopping. I’ll drive a distance for a good deal but you can’t put a price on the uniqueness and diversity that is LA. Notice I did not mention anything about the suburban culture? There wasn’t as vast a selection of that ….E-Out


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