Who’s Your Rhinestone Cowboy?

14 Jul

Day 188


Hey Elle, It’s was good to see the show with Glen Campbell today. It’s hard to believe the span of his career. My fondest memories are of me riding with my cousins in their simulated wood paneled Ford station wagon, as we all sang (including my aunt and uncle) “Like a Rhinestone Cowboy.” They introduced me to Glen Campbell and I am grateful for it. It’s funny what songs remind you of past experiences in your life, good and bad.

But what’s even better is the trail of thoughts that follow after a memory pops into your mind. I started to laugh hysterically as I remembered how my cousins and I used to fight for the most coveted seat in the wagon, the jump seats in the far back, right next to the  rear door. It was the most ideal place for being instantly killed if we were rear-ended by another car. Totally illegal now… But we loved climbing into those tiny seats that were so uncomfortable; it was a great view of what was going on behind us, sans seatbelts of course! ‘

When we got home my aunt would microwave some frozen burritos for us all, a perfect time (especially if you were an 8 year old in 1978).  It’s so crazy when a song triggers a remote memory and you’re jolted back into another time? I love it!  You did that for me today with Glen Campbell. Thanks for the memories. Ironic that Glen was diagnosed with a disease which will sadly steal all his great memories. But, what are we worried about? He’s the f-ing Rhinestone Cowboy for goodness sake! Your Erica, E-Out!


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