No Time To Waste!

2 Jul

Day 176


Hey Elle, it’s already Sunday and the weekend is coming to a close. How does time fly by so quickly? It’s not all bad it’s just that it never seems as though you do all you set out to do in two days….as in life! But I say there is no time to waste and no time to worry that time is wasting. Everything we’re doing is got to be what were supposed to be doing.

So, the fact that I got up, had a nice breakfast out with my family, came home, took a nap, had a nice lunch with my family (found a great new Chinese restaurant) then napped again, got up, decided to write you and then will wrap the night up watching the final of the Matrix Trilogy (Matrix Revolutions) on AMC, may be considered lazy and unproductive. But, I consider it another day in my life that brings me closer to exactly where I am supposed to be…and that can’t be a waste of time, ever! Hope you and Portia had as lazy and unproductive as I did!

Your Erica, E- Out!



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