Dancing Ellen

20 Jun

Day 164





Hey Elle, I want to share a story with you. “My producer” and dear friend, Adrian posted this to her Facebook page yesterday: “Just curious….what does one do when a crack head is discovered in your driveway? I’m just asking!!!! OH LAWD!” What was an initially alarming post turned out to be a learning moment for me. Of course, my first reaction was laughter with a sprinkle of fear.

I as I followed the thread of comments throughout the day, there were those who told Adrian to be cautious and those who continued to make light of it and then came the one post that made me think of you. One friend told Adrian to be kind and understand that this was one of God’s children who had hit some bumps in the road. And while it was an unexpected visit, tread lightly and lovingly and if possible, give her some water and food. Adrian responded as the kind person she is and conveyed how thankful she was to be on the giving end of all of this.

This also makes me think of that song by Dave Mathews Band, Dancing Nancy when he sings, “I could have been anyone other than me.” The kindness we show to everyone means something because we just don’t know who we could’ve been or who going to be and what our circumstances may be.  So I still don’t know exactly what one does when they find a crack head in their driveway but, I think compassion should be part of the  action you take toward being a kinder person.  Thanks for reminding us of this each day…..Your Erica, E-Out.



One Response to “Dancing Ellen”

  1. A. Taylor June 20, 2012 at 7:54 pm #

    It was truly a learning moment. It was just a shock as you can imagine. I see her walking around the neighborhood all the time, I know her family but she has never said anything or stopped ever! Until now. I would never frown upon someone because they are different, truly she has come to a horrible stumbling block in her life…who am I to judge? I went outside and spoke to her…just a simple “hello”, in which she responded “hi”, with a big smile, then began to organize her belongings. I don’t know if it was the safe gesture of me saying hello that made her feel like it was ok to leave her stuff on the lawn and placed strategically in the bushes (stuffed animals, and children’s toys from happy meals, etc.). She spoke to her things as if to say, “stay here and I’ll be back.” Then she left. It wasn’t until later that night she returned to gather her things and she moved on. I learned simple gestures go along way. I continually pray for her and her family. I haven’t seen her in 2 days.

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