Beyond the Fanfare…

12 Jun

day 156


Hey Elle, Yippeee! The LA Kings won the Stanley Cup…I knew they would! I felt it! It is so wonderful that a southern California hockey team took the cup (they spanked the Devils tonight (1-6), to be exact!). All of their hard work, their will and their belief in the possibility to win, paid off!  What’s most wonderful about watching a team you are rooting for win, is that you feel the victory too. To feel victory, even if it isn’t your own is a wonderful thing. It means you can find joy in someone else’s happiness (without claiming it as your own) and that is a selfless act.

I won’t even try to claim being a hockey fan, ever…for any team. I just found myself impressed by what the LA Kings accomplished. It was amazing to see all the people that began to fill the bleachers as they came closer to winning the cup. Yes, I do not support fair weather fans. I support people who show support of other people achieving their goals!!! That’s why I support you! You show us ways of helping and acknowledging people who need support to achieve their dreams as well as those who have achieved things they never dreamed they could achieve.

What a great job you have! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but, I would love to help you do your job even better! Now that the Stanley Cup finals are over, I will be spending more time convincing you of that.

Cheer me on, will ya! You can never have too many fans, right? Your Erica, E-Out!


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