Putting It Out There…

8 Jun

Day 152


Hey Elle, I read the speech the President gave at the LGBT Gala last night. He mentioned your push-up competition with Mrs. Obama yet again. At least you’re in good company since he says he’s often beat by her as well. But, for the record, I do think your form was superior to hers. That’s what I admire about you most, your willingness to put yourself out there for the sake of a laugh and good fun. If you’re not willing to do it all the way, then don’t do it.

You’ve modeled that well for me so I wanted to thank you again and REMIND you that I am putting myself out there to you! I am ready and willing to go through whatever it takes to impress you and get to work on your show! If it silly you want, I do silly, if it’s serious you want, I do serious, if it’s crazy you want, I DO crazy. But most importantly, if it’s sincere, dedicated, willing, persistent, energetic and committed, you want, I AM ALL THAT!  If you don’t believe me….just ask me? I’m right here…

Oh, by the way. I have yet to receive my $100 JCP gift card for being selected for your JCP Dance Dare montage. Were you going drop that off to me in-person or should I stop by to pick it up? Either works for me! Your Erica, E-Out!


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