O.T. Pays Off

1 Jun

Day 145



Hey Elle, The LA Kings won the first game! Yipee! It really was a good game and it went into overtime. The concept of overtime really got me thinking. Life consists of a lot of situations that go into “overtime.” It can be both good and bad but I think being able to get a little more time to break the tie, take the lead or win it all, is a good thing! Many times we consider ourselves “behind”  or defeated because someone older than us or the same age, or  even worse, younger;  has accomplished more than we have in a shorter amount of time. But, if we consider ourselves in “overtime” it puts a whole new spin on it.

We are fortunate enough to be given some extra time on the clock to make it count, to go for gold and make what we want a reality. I think it is a good deal all around! The game of hockey has made me think twice about how you “play” this game called life.  There is the game, the tie-breaker and the victory. Wondering about defeat? Defeat is not an option, if you play it my way because… I make the rules, baby!!!!

Just a thought. Your Erica, E-Out!


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