I’m Not Ellen DeGeneres…but do you want me to be?

5 May


Dear Elle, It’s Friday and I am happy about that for several reasons: Scarlette Johanson and Robert Downey Jr. are the first two reasons; the third is the RISE OF THE RAMBLER and lastly, I LOVE THE WEEKEND! And, I wanted you to know I DO work for you though it’s unofficial.

It seems my efforts to get you to employ me have garnered me some fans along with some clueless and rather unsuspecting blog followers.  You see, when people “Google[E1] ” you I think they find me and my blog. Some have been able to decipher that it is NOT a blog written by you but rather one written to you, about me and you. Yes, it is confusing and that is what brings me to today’s topic.

One of your devoted fans from Chicago, we’ll call her Terri, found my blog and wrote a rather lengthy note to you about your recent competition at the Walgreens in Chicago where you invited your twitter followers to show up to win for gift cards! Well Terri missed it and wanted you to know that she missed it, know why and know all the people she invited…oh, and she wants tickets to your show and to tell you she loves you. All that exceeds the 1500 characters allowed for me to put in an email to you (that SHE could have sent you herself, on your site). Poor thing, I think she thought she found a secret entry into your personal world and is expecting a reply. I WILL be giving her a reply (my unofficial job) and this email will be part of it. I tell you Ellen, this entire experience gets better every day! Your Erica, E-Out!

Terri’s post:https://dailybrainfartstoellendegeneres.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/goodol-doc-brown-my-sweet-little-intern/



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