What will Erica do today?!

28 Apr

Day 111


Hey Elle, It’s Friday! Wait, that makes me SAD. I won’t see your show for two days…I meant, “boo-hoo” it’s Friday. I will miss you! I will just find distractions until Monday. I can come up with a few things: work on conceiving a kid, clean the bathroom, the kitchen and car (those chores are long over-due) and of course, figure out what kinds of videos I want to shoot next and send you! You know, I would accept suggestions and/or directions from you, anytime you want to jump in here, just saying.

You know that would be a great segment for your show. “What will I have Erica do today?”…like, What’s on Ce-Lo’s lap?”  Maybe one day, I can do Ce-Lo –  I meant, attempt to impersonate him! Anyway, I would do just about anything you asked for the sake of a joke. I believe in the cause, so hit me up! Try me Ellen! Until you, “get back to me on that” I will ask people on the street to give me interesting tasks or “dares.” I would need to set up some boundaries; nothing mean, destructive or illegal – but funny. Well, you will get to see the results of my endeavor….next week!

Until then, I will distract myself with a Dodgers game tonight. Don’t worry, I’m still on my whole food plant-based diet. No hot dogs, no ice cream and absolutely no garlic fries in a dodger mini-helmet for me…but, I can’t promise there won’t be  regular fries in my world tonight.  It’s an American tradition for goodness sake!…to overeat ,that is. You didn’t think I meant playing  baseball, did you? So silly! But hey, I only overeat when I’m sad… Perhaps a fan will dare me to eat some garlic fries and ice cream…but I bet you could top that! You have the weekend to ponder it!

Your Erica, E-Out!


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