Dance Dares, Motherhood, Talking to the Public…All for Ellen DeGeneres!

25 Apr


Day 106

Hey Elle, Good news! I shot some video to show you “my skills” to work on your show o, have my own show! Bad news, I missed your show today! But, you know it’s “The Bro’s” golf lesson on Tuesdays!  The clip of Jesse Ferguson on YouTube was too funny. You made him a “messy Jesse” for sure; maybe to the point of down-right dirty! So entertaining!

Okay, I went to Fox Hills Mall in LA with my camera woman/producer, Adrian (who rocks as my Andy – please don’t get a job) and shot some video!  I warmed up with some Dance Dares at JCPenny, of course. They are so hard to do when you’re out in public. What I will call, “the elements” you have to contend with, are murderous! There are the onlookers, the staring children- who then point you out to their parents -who then also stare, the dress racks, the mirrors and on and on!  But the JCP sales people were awesome! They must be used to all this, none of them reacted to my craziness! And one complimented me on my stealth moves after I did a Dance Dare in back of  the two customers she  was working with!

After that, we moved on through the mall. I decided to talk with the public about you by showing them Elle-on-a- Stick. What I found most disappointing was that people would pick working over watching you at 4pm everyday! I will work on that!  But, the best experience I had today was in the Motherhood Maternity store. YES, I had to go in! I felt that if I just surrounded myself with maternity wear and pregnant women, it might help my cause. That is where I met Heidi, the sweet sales woman who turned out to be the Rosie to my Sophia-Grace! She hyped me up, baby! I feel the pregnancy is around the bend. You’ll see! I Believe, I WILL see Heidi again to buy some mommy pants and a clippy bra to wear to your show! You heard me!  Your Erica, E- Out!

Erica’s JCP Dance Dares:

Erica’s Motherhood Maternity Trip and her Hype Girl Heid!:


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