100 Days of Emails to Ellen!

18 Apr

Day 99


Hey Elle, This is the 100th day I have been sending you emails!!! Yes, I am on a roll. It’s cause to celebrate, not just because I have stuck with it this long but also because I have made some new friends ( I told you about a bit ago – including my Ellen on a Stick).I feel I’ve become more comfortable writing to you and  I’ve just had so much fun! Fun is a genuine love of what you are doing – in the present! I find that a lot of people fear a true sense of enjoyment, letting it all go and engaging in what silliness and laughter brings to your life.

Well, I don’t have that fear and I want to help others overcome that fear, in whatever way possible. So, that’s why I have been writing you for last 100 days. Yes Ellen, I do have a dream – that I need your help with, to make come true. I want to make people laugh and feel good inside even when everything outside doesn’t feel good!  I truly believe that I can do that by working on your show. Sure, I could send you a resume, see how many degrees of separation there are between us and go from there but, what I’m giving you is the most in depth job interview you could get!

Let me be clear, I don’t want a hand-out. I will work!  I don’t want you to make it happen for me, I want you to help ME make it happen for me! Hence, I will continue to email you, tweet you, make more videos and blog about me doing it all, every day. I do it because I want to (it makes me happy), I can and I have another 100 plus days to do it in!  Cheers! Your Erica, E-Out!



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