Youth… Darn, it IS Wasted on the Young!!

2 Apr


Day 84

Hey Elle, I’m a firm believer that if you “think young,” you stay young and hence, you are young! I consider myself a “young 40-something.” I am happy I’ve made it this far, I appreciate what it took to get me here and I still feel  as though I have more to do (and enough energy and drive to do it!). But, today my epiphany was:  youth is in fact, wasted on the young! Don’t get me wrong, I love young people. They are fun and they provide me with new information that only young, hip people know.

Today I met some very vibrant, intelligent and attractive college girls, who reminded me of all that has passed in my life, what I may have missed out on, and that there are fewer days left for me than them! I was envious at first, and then I realized, they don’t know what I know now! They have to go through so much to acquire the knowledge I have “lived” to acquire. You have to grow older to realize the value of your “youth.”

Your age is just a number; it is series of experiences that thread together who you are and what you have yet to do with what you’ve still got!  Sure, a lot lies ahead for “our young people” but, don’t lose sight of what lays ahead for us old folks too! So within seconds, my envy turned to compassion – April fools, I was still jealous!!! But, I found the desire to mentor these girls. Plus mentoring is just an excuse to talk about yourself.  That so works for me! If mentoring a 40-something mom appeals to you let me know. I have someone in mind! Your Erica, E- Out!


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