Day by Day….

31 Mar

Hey Elle, I am pooped today! Had five boys over, all under the age of 6 and two moms (yes, one mom has three boys and one on the way….can we say “super mom?”) Anyway, I felt like the day passed me by and I didn’t get an eighth of what I wanted to get done, done. I knew I wouldn’t. I make my list of things to do each day but I know I won’t get through half of it. But, the reality is you’ve got to be okay with what you do accomplish! It can start with just being grateful for waking up to live another day!

My wise and sometimes ornery, 88 year old client reminded me today of this; she said, “cookie, take it day by day , I’ve got enough to worry about at MY age!” It’s so simple and so true, especially if said by anyone over 80! They have to know, right? Or, is it because of their age, are we obliged to believe them? Any-who, day by day, baby steps, small bites, however you chose to look at it, it’s about enjoying the feeling of accomplishment that comes from checking off  ANY tasks  from your list (urgent or not/big or small) and finding joy in the things you HAVE to do as well as those you WANT to do. But, what I realized most was that BELIEVING things will get better, less hectic, more manageable or more gratifying is what helps us enjoy those “present moments.” With that belief, you no longer worry about what you need to do because you trust that what you ARE doing right now, is part of the Master plan!  So my inability to work on planning “my show” today is OK, because I BELIEVE I will wake up tomorrow with yet another day to go at it!

And you know what? I did enjoy EACH moment I got to spend with my husband, my son, his friends and their moms today!  I have no regrets…Who else can say that? I just might have to find out, on my show!  I guess today wasn’t a total bust after all, I just came up with a new segment for my show, ” Are you LIVING!!!!….in the moment?”  I knew writing you would pay off! Your Erica ,E-out!


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