You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play!

24 Mar

Day 75


Hey Elle, Scaring Julia – shame on you!!! You only did it twice! Next time, more! You too were funny! I’m not the only one who thought so…I have to tell you that since I’ve started writing you I’ve met new friends who love you as much as I do!  I ask them, if they want to go to your show. They all say, “YES!” But some are afraid! I will quote Karen from Pennsylvania who’s quite afraid she will “pee in her panties.” See? You scare people you haven’t even met yet!

But, getting tickets to your show has become like playing the lottery. You want to win so badly but then you think, “what if I really did win? “ You start to fear whether or not you could really handle it. But why worry?  So few people win that you think you won’t ever be faced with that dilemma. Yet, you still try…you don’t give up because you know you want it and it’s so worth it! I agonized over which day to select to go to your show since you get just one shot a year.

I didn’t get it but who’s to say that’s my last shot? Why the hell do you think I keep writing you? If you want to win the lottery –come up with a strategy to win. Play the same numbers every week, buy more tickets or do like I do, think outside the box and come up with your own plan ( the woman who wrote you a song; that was clever, the woman who wrote you emails everyday; that too was awesome…OH WAIT, THAT’S ME!ISN’T THAT AWESOME ELLEN?) As long as it’s not illegal! Embarrassing and life consuming?…that obviously, is just fine with me! Your Erica, E- Out!

Julia and Ellen today:


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