My New EFF (Ellen Friend Forever)!

19 Mar

Day 70


Hey Elle, I wanted to tell you about my new EFF (Ellen Friend Forever). You brought us together! Her name is Marcie Graham-Perry and she lives in Denver. I live in Los Angeles and we’ve never met. I read a post she wrote on your Facebook page and I commented on it because when I see someone who seems as into you as I am, I like to connect. I told her that she might want to check out my blog and she responded! We got to emailing each other and she’s so cool and so kind. And for those reasons, I would like to tell you about her. She’s quite inspiring and warm hearted.

She works as  the caretaker for her best friend, trying to help her best friend fix up and keep her home, despite having had her work hours cut. And, she’s a grandma at 42! And like me, she too wants to see your show but preferably on her birthday which is October 10th. She told me that going to your show would be the best gift ever, not because her life is so bad and she needs or wants anything from you (although she sounds quite deserving) but because  all she wants is a break from her challenges, for a chance to see you!

To me, Marcie is just another one of us that wants a sign from the universe that dreams do come true!  So I asked her if I could share her story with you! I feel like meeting her is a sign from the universe that I’m not the only broad who just thinks you’re truly the $*%t!  Because of you, I suggested she and I start a gang of kind-doers – in your name! We’ll get cool jackets – made of organic cotton or something eco-conscious, of course.

So, I’m just giddy to have met Marcie and I we hope to meet her in person one day at your show! Maybe on Marcie’s birthday or on mother’s day?… I think I might meet a lot of new and kind people because of you, Ellen! So I better get ready for my friends and perhaps some new fans!  But still and always…

Your Erica, E- Out!


3 Responses to “My New EFF (Ellen Friend Forever)!”

  1. Marcie Perry March 20, 2012 at 3:23 am #

    Thank you so much Erica! We are definitely friends forever. My Birthday is 10-11, and this year is 10-11-12. Lol! I am honestly excited about our T’s. We have got to keep Ellen’s be kind to each other going. She has such a big heart, and it shows through her fans. Hopefully you’re having a wonderful day. Stay Blessed!

  2. Delores Lindsey March 22, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

    You two Ladies are amazing. Everyday I see women who do kind things for each other. In the past several years I’ve been paying attention to mothers and daughters who look out for each other in such special ways. My two sisters and I each have daughters. Each year we get together for our Mother/Daughter Retreat. We go somewhere special, away from other family and work responsibilities, just to focus on our relationships, and remind our daughters of our wonderful mother/grandmother and what she meant to us. She made many sacrifices so that we could go to school and have things we needed. We, the sisters, want our daughters to know those stories so they can tell their daughters and remind them of who they are. My older sister has cancer and her daughter does so many wonderful things for her mom, all year long. Women caring about and for women is such a beautiful story. These are the stories that Ellen tells so beautifully on her shows and in her daily life. That’s another reason for you and Marcie to join her!

    • ericaawall March 23, 2012 at 1:59 am #

      Wow Delores!….first, thank you for your KIND words! I can’t speak for Marcie but I think she would thank you as well and be just as flattered! You are so right about showing kindness and taking the time to show that kindness to others, especially those who are responsible for bringing you into this world. Mothers and daughters share such a special bond that is made up of a journey neither of them could have imagined. We need to be “present.” As you, your sisters and nieces do, you all take advantage of the “present” and all the moments that make up what up that journey. Showing gratitude for all my mother had done for me and given me was the only most important thing to me when my mother was about to pass. I did get to tell her and that meant EVERYTHING to me! So it’s sounds like your one niece who has a mother with cancer, definitely “gets it!” I’m envious of your mother/daughter retreats…enjoy and ya’all too, ARE AMAZING:) If only Ellen knew all that was going on in the world…wait it’s my job to tell her!!THANKS FOR READING!!!

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