Missed A Day: Part I & II!!!!

7 Mar

Day 36: Part One


Hey Elle, I MISSED A DAY!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, HOW COULD I FORGET TO WRITE?! I have too much going on THAT REVOLVES around you. I posted on my blog (to you) thinking that was my email to you but those are past emails! I am getting confused. Perhaps I should start posting in real time. But, I don’t want people to miss out on all the good stuff I’ve already written. I tell you all of this so that when you subscribe to my blog, you’ll know what’s up. Ok, enough beating myself up, I can’t turn back time. Can you? I wouldn’t be surprised if you could. My solution, I will write you twice today; one in the morning & one in the evening. Yes, genius, I know.

Seeing as though my time is crunched these days, you have to know what it’s like to be busy –you have a “few” things on your plate. Is there anything you would go back in time to over? Take your “do-over “or your “mulligan.” I do. It’s not that I want to specifically change an outcome, just see if I re-did something would the outcome change. Examples? I would become an art major despite my mother telling me I would be poor, I would have taken the job as a tour guide a Universal Studios even though I would make minimum wage and have no health insurance, I would’ve taken my college internships more seriously & multitude of other things.

Hey, What if you could give people their mulligan? Perhaps, a segment for your show? I think yes, and who better to host it than me?! Think it over, we’ll talk more later when I write you tonight. You CAN turn back time! Your Gayle, E-Out!

Day 36: Part Two

Hey Elle again, as promised this is a second email to make up for not emailing you yesterday! I just can’t believe I forgot! As I was saying in my earlier email, I wish I could do it over; actually, I wish you could help people “do over” the things they wished they could do again. Could you imagine all the things people could come up with? I love asking people what their mulligan is, you get some interesting answers. I’ve heard everything from I would have studied harder in school to I would kissed that boy or girl to I would have gotten down on one knee when I asked her to marry me, to I wouldn’t have joined that commune. Plus, the hope people would gain in getting to do something over is immeasurable!

But the real question is Ellen, what would your Mulligan be? Which makes me think, how about we ask some other celebrities? Now, that would be interesting and insightful. I see the segment opening by yelling, “Fore” and then we go out and ask THE question. Thoughts? Would love some feedback over here! I can wait for a response (obviously), I will be here….just don’t be surprised if you’re walking in LA and you hear someone yelling, “Fore” and you’re not on the golf course. It might be me on the prowl. You inspire me so much; I just might have to start without you! Your Gayle (and by the way, we should ask the “other Gayle” the mulligan question…and her best friend, too), E- Out!


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