The Bigger Picture

5 Mar

Day 33


Hey Elle, do you really wonder why I write every day? I do too. I am trying to get your attention, bring something to your table and get in your mix. But, I think I am missing the BIG PICTURE. What is it that I want? I think I may have to implement one of your “manifestation tools” – the dream board. Yes, I will start a dream board, or is it called a vision board? Wait, that sounds like I’m clairvoyant, I wish!

Anyway, I’ m gonna do it and I would like your feedback! (See how I am slowly reeling you into my world? Clever, yes?) Where to start?   First, I am going to put pictures of Amy and Jamie on my board, because I want to go out into the field for you doing your stunts, pranks and good deeds – like they do! Then, I will put a picture of a car because, though I don’t really need one, I would like one. Not a deal-breaker but you give so many out, I’d appreciate a new car very much. And, I will put a picture of an ipod because; I would like to go out on the streets & get people to dance with you when you dance on the show. I wanna be the person who inspires people to dance like Ellen does – because it automatically makes you feel good. I will call that segment, “jam on it! or Get your Ellen On!”

I’d walk the streets searching for souls that look like they need a lift or have the look of  song I know. Then, I’d ask them to either dance with me to the song I’ve chosen OR have them give me a request and if I have it on my ipod, we dance to it together! What do you think? Ok, waiting to hear your response… The Movement has started. Oops, it’s a Secret, right?! Oh well,still manifesting….manifesting…..manifesting….

Your Gayle, E- out!


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