Heart Open?…Check!

4 Mar


Day 32


Hey Elle, I’m thinking deeply today about life’s up’s and down’s and how laughter threads its way through both. Yes, disappointment hit me today with something I really wanted but may not happen. But, as I dragged myself to the TV to turn you on at 4pm, it did not take more than 30 seconds before I began to laugh at your crazy lesson on newly discovered birds in Peru. Could something be farther from my mind? Not really! You put a smile on my face.

But, I do have to admit that my son asking me if it was time for Ellen to come on was something I grinned about as well. He now inquires as to “how many minutes before Ellen will dance?” People must tell you everyday how much your show brings at least an hour of joy & laughter into their lives. But, there is little said about how that joy enters the heart & soul. We have to open our hearts & souls & let it in, even at our lowest point. This says quite a bit about your viewers & people in general, we have the control to be happy.

We can look at the brighter side & see that there is more than meets the eye. Life is joyful if you allow yourself to see it in every aspect of life…whether that be every day at 4pm watching one of the funniest women on TV or watching your 5 year old stuff an entire taco in his mouth at the dinner table & then make a funny face because he too knows how absurd he looked. They say “God” is in the details…well, a lot of people attribute a great deal to Her so, why not add laughter and Joy to the list! E-out!


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