Mission…Oh so very Possible!

1 Mar

Day 29


Hey Elle, I was in deep sleep on the couch before I realized I hadn’t written you yet! It’s always a pleasure never a chore but tonight, I was thinking what if I just skip it? I CAN’T!  You see, I want to notify you of 2 things today: 1) I am on a mission to write you every day for as long as I live, to accomplish one if not all of the following: Go to & be on the show & dance w/you, work for the show & dance w/you, have dinner w/you & Portia & then dance w/ both of you, I would even wash your car…. OR maybe, just ride in your Porsche w/you (but, I’d wash it too – if you asked nicely) then we could dance together! and 2) I’ve decided to blog my emails to you so other Ellen DeGeneres-Lovers can share in what I am calling “My Daily brain farts to Ellen DeGeneres.”

Actually there is one more thing I want to notify you of, there are a hell of a lot of people who don’t know how to sign up to follow a blog! So, I fear this journey will be lonely. Now, I rant. What is up with that?! W/all the ipod, ipad, iphone & every other techno-gadget-buying person out there (many of whom are my dearest friends- that I asked to follow my blog) there are still completely “web-illiterate” people who can ONLY tweet or post on facebook!! It makes no sense – I mean really? How this is possible?

So, I have a favor to ask. Please make an (unsolicited) PSA -asking everyone to learn how to follow blogs! They’re missing out on a lot AND they’re screwing up my “E On E” Campaign (Erica On Ellen DeGeneres…the Show, not the person). Yes,really.Your Gayle, E-out!



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