Just Saying….What if?

5 Feb

Day 7

Hey Elle,

What if? That is what I often ask myself. What if I wrote Ellen DeGeneres every day of my life? What if I wrote an Oscar winning film? What if I became a cast member of Saturday Night Live? What if I won the lottery? What if I married Will Ferrell?  What if – who knows what will happen, could’ve happened or won’t happen. We don’t know, so why worry about it ? Just do it! But seriously, I do think if Will Ferrell had met me before I met my husband we could’ve had a shot.

Nonetheless, living in the now is my focus and most challenging of tasks these days. But it’s so great to wonder “ what if” ( to dream) AND also be grateful when you’re not living that “what if “  that  could’ve been a nightmare.  Like, what if I were homeless? …did not have a wonderful family?   Or, what if I wasn’t so fun to be around (I’m basing this on what my friends and family tell me – so, WHAT IF they’re partial).

You show us that we can help to make others’ dreams come true with all you give and do. That is so important, to continue to believe! You give us examples! Today, as I watched your show, I wondered if I will be in the audience in March, when I requested. Who knows? But it is possibilities that things can happen & even better than we think, that make us happy and keep us going! Now think, WHAT IF I were in the audience in March,  &  on that day Will Ferrell was on the show, he asks me to dance after you interview him and then… who knows? Well, what if, I just keep dreaming? Don’t worry, I will! Your Gayle. E-Out!


One Response to “Just Saying….What if?”

  1. John Wall February 5, 2012 at 5:23 pm #

    Best of luck on the tickets! Maybe you should have Jay talk to that guy he plays tennis with sometimes….

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