Classic Joke Wednesday 9-18-13

19 Sep

Day 602
Hey Elle, here’s my joke for classic joke Wednesday:Q: What do you call a snowman with a sun tan? A: A puddle. So long summer !! Your Erica,E-Out!


Bad Dream

18 Sep

Day 601
Hey Elle, it’s been a long journey and I am growing weary and bored. I still love you and I am not giving up just moving on…thank you and good night. Your Erica, E- Out! What the f%*k! I woke up from a dream in which I had decided to stop writing you! Crazy, I know. Until tomorrow!….

The Ellen Voice…in your vent?

17 Sep

Day 600
Hey Elle,there’s a vent in my bathroom too, what channel should I put it on to get you talking through it? All this time I thought I should be emailing you but looks like there’s an entirely different frequency: “Ellen is the New Black”…it’s like I’m always the last to find out!Your Erica, E- Out!

The Ellen- Week Begins….

16 Sep

Day 599
Hey Elle, the weekend is over. Today is why they must call it the weekEND, right?! Hope yours was good! I’m just stoked because it means the weekend is over and a week of your shows begins…again! Your Erica ,E- Out!


The Ellen Dome Piece

14 Sep

The Ellen Dome Piece

Day 597
Hey Elle, you gave Mel B the hats I bought! They are so cute, the colors go with nothing I own but what does that have to do with anything, right? No, I’m not strangling you…just looks like it:) Your Erica, E- Out!

Aside 13 Sep

Day 596


Hey Elle, You rock but today, little Sammy Horowitz stole the show! Your Erica, E- OUT!

Happy 1st Classic Joke Wednesday 2013!

12 Sep

Day 595
Hey Elle, happy 1st classic joke Wednesday! Hope it was all you hoped it would be and more!I hope to be in the audience for one of your Wednesday shows. Someone told me I could get to your studio from my place on the westside in 25 minutes! Now THAT’S A JOKE…in LA traffic – NO WAY! He, he, he ,he….
Your Erica, E- Out!